Stockholm Photo Marathon 2019

Quite an adventure, this, Stockhom Photo Marathon.

Planned as 24 hours of 24 photos, I (we, actually; I got my wife to follow along as my assistant) only did the Halv-Marathon, which was 12 hours of 12 photos and that was enough. Come midnight we were bushed and it was beginning to rain.

What did I learn? I learned quite a bit about my own style of Urban Photography and that it has its limitations. Serval of the themes were particularly challenging to fulfil with my “urban-eye”. I make mention below where I present my photos. Yet, my eyes are getting old to see with out readers and the screen on the camera is too small to properly see the focus of the images. However, I could do this Photo Marathon again, but with a film camera.

Here are my submissions (for which I expect no recognitions). All photos taken with a Nikon D5600, where I used one of the following two lenses;

Nikon AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED II

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 12-24mm 1:4 G DX SWM ED IF Aspherical 77


My participant number (Mitt Deltagarnummer)

350 was my number. I first though of taking a photo of the bus line 350, where each of the following themed phots would be of busses. However, line 350 starts running on the 19 of August. Today it was the 17 of August, so, no bus line. My wife, Hsuan, saw this car license, which I shot half of. Someone was sitting in the car. And I’m not happy about the framing.



A shot looking east up Kammarkargatan from Sveavägen. The e-scooters with their LED lights rolling over the black asphalt and the sun shinning on the buildings caught my urban-eye.


Bugs (Småkryp)

Hummm, a macro shot. We went looking for bugs around the Adolf-Fredriks Church. Took three shots before I could set the focus.


The Dance of Life (Livets Dans)

An abstract interpretation on the theme. I’m thinking that the rider is using the e-scooter to “dance through life”. Maybe. Maybe not. Focus is off. I expect that this will be disqualified for being off-theme.


Water (Vatten)

The row of bottled water in the Pressbyrån drinks cooler.

I really liked the color and lighting in this photo. An impulsive shot; Hsuan said that I should re-shoot. I didn’t. Yet, I did spend about 20 seconds straightening the labels of the bottles, the shot was square and in focus; ok, so I kept it. Next theme.



Sugar. Ice cream. Churros. People lined up for their fix of sugar. Lust. Here is my urban-eye and an abstract interpretation of the theme; lust for a fix of sugar.


Island (Ö)

This is a silhouette of the small citadel on the islet of Kastellholmen in the harbour of Stockholm.

I tried several shots of this and I never reached the quality that I could achieve with post-processing, which was not allowed in the contest. Black & White, strong contrast, slight cropping.



Gangway (Landgång)

A photo of some urban stuff in context, driven by my urban-eye.

Crooked. S**t. Post-processing would have improved on the results.



Cruise (Kryssning)

The ship was leaving; going, going, gone.

I should have brought my 70-300mm zoom. I shot this at the 200mm and infinite focus settings. Not really sharp enough.


Future? (Framtid?)

The construction site at Slussen, with its uncertain design future. Will it be embraced by the community of Stockholm, or will people simply hate it?

Here I can see that my urban-eye is a limitation in seeking a suitable subject. I should have done a longer exposure, to increase the contrast.


Reflection (Reflektion)

Shot of Munkbroleden on Gamla Stan from on top of Gondolen at Slussen. A long focus shot at 200mm.


Time (Tid)

A clock in Stockholms Central Station. That’s my wife, Hsuan. We’re tired and thinking, when will this end?

The shot is done with a wide-angle lens, with the usual distortions. Post-processing fixes these problems.


All images on this page © 2019, Mark W Lange,


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