my gear . . . Yashica-D

My first medium format film camera. Took some time to figure out image composition using the view finder. However, the view finder is very bright.

An original image of the camera soon after purchase through Tradera. I believe I paid about SEK 1200. It came with a brown leather case.

A very fun camera to use. Here are two black and white shots from the first roll of film I ran through the camera.

Every once in a while I run another roll through the camera, whenever I feel inspired by what I see from Vivian Meyer. I think I have some colour images to show . . . I’ll go search for them in my library.

Service & Maintenance

I have replaced the seals on this camera. The original was a fiber string set into the lid seal labyrinth. I replaced that with a 2mm x 2mm length of foam in the appropriate places.

I have also added the lens shield, which you can see in the first two images. And, fitted a detachable strap.

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A very popular camera model amoung photography enthusiasts.

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