Graffiti in The Neighborhood

There isn’t a lot, but it’s some of what we’ve got.

There are several surfaces in the neighborhood where I live that capture images created by local artisans. Underpasses, tunnel entrances, bridges, benches, etc. Typical surfaces that are viewed with a public eye as urban statements.

I capture most of these images with the various iPhone models that I have had over the last five years that I have lived in Larsboda. Although, as I sort through my collection of photos, I do find some that have been captured on film.

< the cat @ Sunneplan >

1 May 2019

A small strip-mall that is targeted for de-construction has captured some art in Farsta.

< kärlek >

2016 October 7

Painted in pink on a stone face in Farsta Strand.


< weed >

2019 March 31

Found on the pedestrian bridge at Farsta Strand. Crazy cat smoking a blunt. Purple paint.

< BLAS >

2019 March 10

Found in a pedestrian underpass in Farsta. Purple paint.

< SEB >

2019 January 29

A pedestrian underpass in Farsta, by the train tracks and Farstavägen. More purple paint; is this a trend? Don’t know, but SEB is a local figure.

< %#~$€ tsotsi >

2019 January 2

Captured at the same place as the previous photo. Orange.

< 2ec- URGENT >

2018 November 5

Found on the bridge over the Metro tracks in Farsta Strand.

< painted house in Farsta Strand >

2018 October 10

An outhouse on a property in Farsta Strand.

< ESh >

2018 October 5

< cat on the can >

2018 September 15

Found on the grounds of Farsta Gård.

< BPD >

2018 February 17

Another pedestrian tunnel in Farsta.


2018 February 17

Same pedestrian tunnel, other wall. Probably made by BPD.

< yi3 >

2018 January 17

< ze . . . >

2017 June 25

Found in Farsta.

< BKC >

2016 September 13

Entrance to the pedestrian underpass opposite the Farsta Strand Station.

< ASK . . . >

2016 September 13

A wall in the Farsta Strand train station.

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